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I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. I also have a traditional education in the Exercise Sciences from the University of Kansas. I have 8 years of recreational training experience and 2 years of personal training work experience. I had the opportunity to train a wide variety of clients through the University of Kansas’ Recreation Fitness Center. These clients exposed me to different walks of life, cultures, and identities. I had more fun working with my clients at KU than I ever had in my life. I will not forget my experiences with these people. Because of them, I have decided to provide my knowledge and experiences in an online format in hopes of reaching more people.

As a graduate student, my time and energy are limited. I can no longer train at the athletic intensities I have trained at in the passed. Because of this, I have switched my focus away from sport specific training (soccer and running) to body composition. My journey through weight loss and weight gain will be a highlight of the beginning of this blog.

I will also speak to health in several different contexts. Those being physical and mental where I have education and many experiences through training and athletics but in spiritual health too. Spiritual health is fairly new to me, so I will be exploring different techniques and lifestyle features to keep myself mental strong and overall, in a happy state of being. This blog’s posts will be grounded in my individual experience and in the experiences of my clients, where appropriate, but I will do my best to provide the science behind my words. I hope my posts will help you on your journey to a more healthy and happy person.


In the name of health,

Nickolas Pippert, SPT, ACE-CPT